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Apollo SAGE Multispeciality Hospitals is medical and healthcare vertical venture of The SAGE Group to provide the best healthcare facilities SAGEly. With the aim to provide the best medical services at the personal and corporate level, we initiate our venture into healthcare facilities, Apollo SAGE Hospitals in a beautiful city of lakes, Bhopal with Apollo Healthcare which was established by Dr. Prathap C. Reddy in 1983, Apollo Healthcare has a robust presence across the healthcare ecosystem. From routine wellness & preventive health care to innovative life-saving treatments and diagnostic services, Apollo Hospitals has touched more than 120 million lives from over 120 countries, offering the best clinical outcomes.

  • 350+ Bedded Hospital
    Apollo Sage Hospitals comes with 350+ Beds and one of the highest no of beds hospital in Bhopal.
  • 25+ Services
    More than 25 healthcare facilities, including cardiology, organ transplants, neurology, radiology, etc.
  • Medical Services
    Apollo Sage Hospitals provides multi-dimensional utilities such as surgical & medical assistance, provisions of the laboratory & pharmaceutical, expert staff and specialist doctors, advanced equipment, etc. Our motto is to treat people with utmost efficacy and love. We are working towards upgrading our features, facilities and services. Apollo Sage Hospitals envisions to become the best patient centric hospital and Corporate Hospitals in Bhopal to offer the best of services.
  • Group Concern
    The Sage Group, the fastest growing and leading conglomerate of Central India, is synonymous with quality and trust in various sectors like Education, Electric Infrastructure, Social Work, and Construction. Consistency of hard work and teamwork for four decades inspire us to contribute in the HEALTHCARE domain with the vision of providing the latest technology-enabled healthcare facilities for a healthier society.
Pro Health Check

Pro Health Check

Preventive Care for a Healthier Future

Introducing Apollo Sage ProHealth, a groundbreaking health assessment designed by a team of expert physicians and powered by artificial intelligence. Share some essential information, and we'll create a personalized health plan just for you, complete with complimentary consultations from both general practitioners and specialists!

Comprehensive and precise assessments that gauge your cardiovascular health, pulmonary function, metabolism, cancer risk, sleep patterns, flexibility, and cognitive well-being.

The transition from focusing on "cure" to prioritizing "care" will only occur when we adopt a proactive approach. This is where predictive AI technology plays a crucial role, by analyzing your lifestyle, symptoms, genetic information, and test results to anticipate potential health risks.

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Combining the best specialists and equipment to provide you nothing short of the best in healthcare

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Largest network of the world’s finest and brightest medical experts who provide compassionate care using outstanding expertise and advanced technology.

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Transplant Disclaimer

It has been brought to our notice that some people have received emails purporting to offer money for kidney donation and misusing the name of Apollo Sage Hospitals.

The public in general and kidney patients in particular are hereby cautioned that these are fake phishing emails and that these mails are neither sent by Apollo Sage Hospitals nor is Apollo Sage Hospitals involved in any such scheme. These fraudulent and suspicious emails are only a scheme to extract payments from gullible individuals by misleading them using the names of reputed hospitals.

The Apollo Sage Hospitals transplant program is carried out in accordance with the Transplantation of Human Organs Act 1994 with amendments thereafter, and the Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Rules 2014. Any buying and selling of human organs are illegal and punishable under the law.

The general public is hereby warned to report such emails to the concerned authorities and not to deal/engage in any manner with any person/agency offering any benefits in cash or kind for kidney donation. Apollo Sage Hospitals does not solicit donation of human organs from the general public through social media or through phone calls. Apollo Sage Hospitals is taking appropriate legal action in this matter.

Recruitment Disclaimer & Notification

Apollo Sage Hospitals ("ASH") brings to your attention that certain persons are circulating/posting fake advertisements inviting applications from candidates for employment in the ASH through e-mails, WhatsApp messages and on leading job portals. Such advertisements demanding payments through various online platforms and portals in exchange for appointments for interviews and offer letters are fraudulent and the ASH categorically states that it does not entertain such practices in its recruitment process. These persons do not represent the ASH in any manner whatsoever.

We urge the public not to be misled by such communication purportedly made by representatives of our ASH demanding payment in lieu of employment in the ASH. The ASH is not liable for any loss that may ensue from such unauthorized acts committed by third parties misrepresenting themselves to be agents/representatives of the ASH.

Should you require further information about the authenticity or otherwise of such communications which you may receive, you are requested to get in touch with Head Human resources at Please note that the ASH is taking appropriate steps in bringing the matter to the notice of the authorities for investigation, necessary action and closure.

Note : The aforesaid email Id is only for the purpose to notify grievance/complaints on fraudulent recruitment.

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