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Adopt Preventive Healthcare With Apollo Sage
Apollo Sage Hospitals, Bhopal, a pioneer in the field of health services, firmly believes in promoting preventive healthcare practices for people of all age groups. This is because the experts at the hospital work on the five stages of identification which include underlying, susceptible, subclinical, clinical, and recovery or disability or death.
Hence, the Hospital propagates and encourages people to get themselves and even their children screened regularly. It does so not only to detect and treat health issues, if any, at an early stage but also to inculcate the habit of regular check-ups in them and their children as well. 
Preventive health care could be in the field of dental care, mental wellness, or any other physical ailment.
Our Unique Expertise 
The preventive services provided by the Apollo Sage Hospital in Bhopal during the wellness checkup are one of the best that one can think of. The preventive healthcare experts at the hospital are well-versed in advanced technology in their related fields and ensure that the people arriving there get the best facilities required.
The hospital has the best experts who have acquired excellent knowledge and experience from the top medical institutions across the world. Not only this, the hospital is loaded with sophisticated equipment and advanced machines for accurate results that will further help the doctors in determining the course of treatment.
In addition to these, the dedicated team of experts and preventive medicine experts, the hospital has top and experienced technicians, and excellent and trained nursing staff who work tirelessly during the screenings for the best diagnosis, good health and well-being, and satisfaction of the patients. 
Diagnosis Or Screenings

  • Full Body Checkup: This requires a complete examination of the body with a combination of medical tests such as Lipid Profile, Blood Sugar, Liver Function, Kidney Function, Diabetes, Thyroid, Complete Urine, checking Cholesterol levels, Rheumatic Heart Diseasecheckups, and so on.
  • Child Health Checkup: These checkups are done to assess the overall mental, dental, and physical health and to ensure that they are reaching their milestones appropriately. Certain preventive health checkups could include Blood Group and Rh Typing, Stool Tests, hearing tests, Juvenile Diabetes, Eye Examinations or Ophthalmic Examinations, Dental Care, and so on.
  • Women Health Checkup: Haemoglobin, Packet Cell Volume, RBC Count, Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin Concentration (MCHC), Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV), Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin (MCH), Pelvis ultrasound screening, Diabetes, Pap smear tests are some of the regular tests that are done during the preventive women’s health checkup.
  • Senior CitizensCheckup: Preventive health checkups for senior citizens help assess and monitor their overall health and well-being. Tests for the elderly include Complete Blood Tests, Renal Profile, Lipid Profile, Urine Routine Analysis, ECG, X-Ray, Fasting Blood Sugar, Random Blood Sugar, Clinical examination by a Geriatric consultant, and more.
  • Dental Care: Preventive dental care deals with good oral habits in people of all age groups but especially in children. These dental preventive services are a combination of regular oral examinations, teeth cleansing, flossing, routine X-Rays, and so on. Pediatric preventive dentistry could include promoting good dental habits, the guidance of thumb sucking, gum health, sealants, and more.
  • Behavioural & Mental Health Prevention Screenings: This is one of the most important prevention screenings done at the best hospital in Central India. The tests help early detection of any mental health disorder and reduce the risk of relapse in the patients. This improves the quality of life of the person as well as their families.
  • Immunizations& Vaccinations: These are a vital component of primary health care for it is an effective way of protecting against harmful diseases and infections such as Polio, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Influenza, Measles, Whooping Cough or Pertussis, and more. Immunizations and vaccinations provide protection and also prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Counseling: This is another major preventive healthcare field that helps people in more ways than one. Counseling is provided to people with homicide or suicidal tendencies, habitual drug, tobacco, and alcohol use, those displaying high-risk behavior, risky sexual behavior, Preventive health counseling during pregnancy, and more.

Preventive healthcare not only saves lives and ensures longevity, but also helps reduce a painful experience for all and especially the person who would be suffering from the ailment.

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