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Top 24 Hours Blood Banks in Bhopal

Over the years, the Blood Bank unit at Apollo Sage Hospitals in Bhopal has successfully saved innumerable lies and continues to play an important role in the process of collecting blood, managing blood stocks, approving blood requests, updating donations and carrying out blood usage reviews and compatibility testing. 
The unit also endlessly strives to save lives in future by experimenting and identifying ways to safely store blood.Blood banking is a laboratrical process to ensure that the blood received is safe and maintained before being used in blood transfusion and other medical procedures. 
The Blood Centre and Transfusion Medicine branch has developed at a very fast pace in the recent few decades and we assure you that the hospital is not only the nearest blood bank but also the best in the entire Central India.

Why Choose Us?
The Blood Bank unitat Apollo Sage Hospitals, Bhopal is committed to providing safe blood productsand indulges in prescribed quality-assured practices. The department has a skilled and experienced staff that tirelessly works to enhance life-saving practices. These practices also include typing the blood for transfusion and screening for infectious diseases.
The blood bank in Bhopalunit staff at the hospital plays a very responsible role to ensure that the donated blood and blood products are safe for later use which could be in the form of blood transfusions and other medical procedures.

Our Team 
The Blood Centre and Transfusion Medicine unit at Apollo Sage Hospitals, Bhopal functions under the expert guidance of Dr. Samir Singh. The Blood Bank has a dedicated team of qualified medical officers and technicians who attend to the needs of blood-requiring patients 24x7 and provide comprehensive, high-quality Haematology solutions.
The teamalso ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, performs routine donor evaluation and monitoring, conducts positive antibody screens, reviews the clinical significance of serologic findings and decides on additional testing required prior to transfusion and more.


The Apollo Sage Hospitals, Bhopal Blood Bank servicesensure the best treatment modality, administration unit and post-transfusion evaluation of the patient at all stages. The department has excellent storage facilities, skilled manpower and high-end instruments component separators and other machines for accuracy. 
The facilities carried out at the blood bank include donor motivation and donor counselling, blood group serology, pre-transfusion testing, compatibility testing and more.

Disease & Conditions

  • Blood Cancer: Blood transfusion is one of the most effective yet short-term reliefs providing treatment for blood cancer patients. The fresh blood gives the patient healthy blood cells which the body has been failing to produce on its own.
  • Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding (VKDB):This happens when babies are unable to stop bleeding due to Vitamin K Deficiency which is vital to form a clot. The bleeding could occur anywhere – inside or outside the baby’s body. When the bleeding takes place within the body, it could be difficult to notice as it could be the intestines, brain or any other organ that could be bleeding. Also, if the bleeding is external and does not stop then also it could pose a serious problem. In both cases, the baby would be required to undergo a blood transfusion from the blood bank 
  • Pernicious Anaemia (B12 Deficiency):This is a rare autoimmune disorder causing loss of red blood cells when the intestines cannot absorb Vitamin B-12 properly.This could require lifelong supplementation and monitoring and if the condition gets chronic, the person would be recommended to undergo blood transfusion by the physician. The frequency of this blood transfusion could depend on the condition of the B12 Deficient person.


  • Automated Cell Washing Machine: This is one of the most advanced pieces of equipment that is used to speed up antibody searches and checks. It carries out functions such as antiglobulin test, ABO compatibility, Rh testing, Cross-Matching and so on.
  • Blood Bank Automation System/ Automated Blood Bank System: It requires a mandated test for certain conditions such as HIV, Hepatitis B & C, Syphilis and Human T Cell Lymphotropic virus.  The system enhances efficiency and standardization of interpretation, increased transfusion safety, specimen batching and more. 
  • Haematology Analyzers: These are done to run tests on blood samples. These provide a prompt and accurate countand identify or split blood cells into Red Blood Cells (RBC), White Blood Cells (WBC), Platelet Count, Haemoglobin Concentration, Haematocrit, RBC indices and Leukocyte. 
  • Laboratory Centrifuge: Clinical centrifuges, Ultracentrifuges, Multipurpose high-speed centrifuges and Microcentrifuges are the different types of laboratory centrifuges available at the Blood Bank. Thesemonitor-drivenequipment spinblood samples at high-speedto separate substances of greater and lesser density.
  • Plasma Freezer: Also known as Blood Bank Freezer, the plasma freezer is set at a certain temperature to allow the safe storage of frozen blood plasma or blood components. Chest Freezers and Shelf Freezers (Upright Freezers) are the two types of Plasma Freezersdesigned to meet the needs of patients at Apollo Sage Hospitals, Bhopal. 
  • Platelet Incubators: These incubators provide precise and stable storage maintenance conditions for platelets and small cell fragments that play a major role in blood clotting and wound repair. These are available in compact units and large units to suit the institution’s capacity and have some of the best features such as motion failure alarms, circular chart recorders and more. 
  • Platelet Shakers: Also known as platelet bag shakers, these are sophisticated units designed specifically to gently agitateplatelets in the pouch for optimal storage of critical, life-saving platelets. The shakers use a number of tray levels, allowing air circulation and ventilation to allow oxygen transfer to platelets. This ensures the preservation of platelet quality and efficiency and also allows easy extraction of the exact amount of platelets for transfusion.

Treatment & Services

  • Blood Transfusion: Blood transfusion is required by patients undergoing treatment for serious injuries, certain medical conditions or operations resulting in blood loss. This blood is required to replace red blood cells that carry oxygen. 
  • Chronic Disease Anaemia: Patients with autoimmune diseases or chronic ailments and diseases such as Kidney, Cancer, Heart Failure (Congestive Heart Failure) and so on tend to develop anaemiawhich could also cause blood loss. Those with severe conditions could sometimes require blood transfusion services
  • Thalassemia: This is an inherited blood disorder in which the body is unable to make enough protein called haemoglobin which is an essential part of red blood cells. People with severe Thalassemia may have severe symptoms and may need to undergo regular blood transfusions.
  • Blood & Bone Marrow Transplant: Also known as a hematopoietic cell transplantation or stem cell transplant, itreplaces blood-forming stem cells from that of a healthy donor.  
  • Sickle Cell: The unusually sickle-shaped red blood cellsare inherited disorders which become rigid and sticky and slow or block blood flow. So, patients with severe sickle cell problems may need to undergo several blood transfusion sessions during their lifetime.

So, the next time someone rushes to the nearest blood bank, we are sure you are going to suggest the Blood Bank or the Blood Centre and Transfusion Medicine unit at Apollo Sage Hospitals, Bhopal.
Stay with us for more updates on blood types, blood ordering, inventory management, blood transfusion services, and more. 

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