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Apollo Sage Hospitals Performed Central India’s 1st Water Birth Delivery | Know Its Benefits & Process

Apollo Sage Hospitals Performed Central India’s 1st Water Birth Delivery | Know Its Benefits & Process

Water birth, the most natural childbirth process, has gained popularity among women in India in the last few years. However, this service isn’t available in every part of the country. Until now, women could only opt for it in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, etc. But recently, Apollo Sage Hospitals has also started providing a water birth facility in Bhopal

On 1st December 2023, the experienced team of Sage Anandam, Apollo Sage Hospitals successfully performed central India’s first water birth delivery. As per the reports, both mother and child are safe and satisfied with the service. 

So, if you are also interested and want to know more about this advanced birthing process, read this blog till the end. Here we’ve mentioned everything you need to know about water birth, including its benefits and procedure. 

What is Water Birth?

If you haven’t heard anything about water birth before, it is just like how it sounds. It is a process of giving birth in a tub full of warm water. Yeah, it sounds a little dangerous, but the experts say it is the most natural and safe birthing process that reduces around 70% of labor pain. 

Apart from this, women can also opt for an option to use this service while in labor only. The doctors will deliver the baby out of water if the mother wants to. It will help her to cope with the pain. 

Benefits of Water Birth

There are various reports available on the internet about water birth. In most cases, women who have chosen this process shared positive reviews. The reports say that giving birth in water provides a shooting experience to women in labor and helps them cope with pain. Here are some of its key benefits:

  • Reduces labor pain: In a normal delivery, women experience massive pain of 57 del, which is equal to 20 bones getting fractured at the same time. However, the process of water birth reduces the pain by 70% and provides a gentle experience. 
  • Cuts labor duration: The reports also suggest that the effect of water shortens the labor duration. It is one of the top benefits of water birth. 
  • Easy to change position: Water carries a Beyonce force that pushes our body upwards. Due to this, the laboring women can change their position easily. It is also very beneficial for uterine contractions to progress more smoothly.
  • Less need for painkillers: Water birth provides a soothing and gentle birthing experience to women in labor. As it reduces most of their pain, they need less medication for pain relief while giving birth. 
  • Makes you more present in the birthing process: Besides all this, it is the additional advantage of water birth. With pain relief, it keeps you more present throughout the birthing process. 

So, these are the amazing benefits of water birth that are like a boon to women in labor. However, not everyone can opt for a facility. There is an eligibility criteria that the women should pass. 

Who is Eligible For Water Birth?

As the experts suggest, water birth is only recommended for women with low-risk pregnancies. Other than this, it is not an option for twin delivery, just a woman with a single pregnancy can opt for it. The reports also say that water birth only works when the mother has reached her 9-month term of pregnancy. 

Additionally, a woman who wants to opt for water birth should not have any medical complexities that can be a risk. The medical conditions include high blood pressure, diabetes, a history of caesarean section, placenta previa, vaginal bleeding, etc.  

Process of Water Birth

In the process of water birth, doctors put you in a birthing pool or tub full of warm water, equal to a normal body temperature. Mothers can also choose to get into the tub as soon as the labor pain starts or at the time of delivery. Your healthcare provider will suggest to you when the time is right. 

The warm water in a tub provides a very soothing and relaxing experience to the woman in labor. As soon as you get ready to give birth, the doctors perform all the necessary things for a normal delivery. 

We hope you find this information useful. Other than this, if you have any queries or need more details about water birth, reach out to the experts Sage Anandam, Apollo Sage Hospitals, Bhopal.

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