Apollo Sage Hospital's Philosophy

In a world where most private hospitals stand for excellence and seem substitutes for each other in the minds of patients, customers, stakeholders, what unique philosophy will we stand for?

Our answer: Personalizing Health Care

While hospitals continue to become more advanced, more tech-savvy, more cutting edge, their continuing impersonal, alienating attitude from desensitized doctors, processes and staff are always adding to the anxiety of patients and visitors instead of comforting them. This is the opposite effect as those of clinics - where the interpersonal relationship with the doctor and his staff grows familiarity and comfort over time, ultimately adding to immense amounts of trust and faith in the patients. Hospitals that can offer some familiarity, personal attention and warmth in this scenario are the ones a patient gets tied to, often for life. The doctors leading this project have built such relationships with patients through their existing clinics, now they wish to offer the same kind of care on a larger scale in state-of-the-art facilities, and stand to introduce a new point of view as a hospital in their own fraternity, that of 'personalizing' the experience of institutionalized healthcare today.

Personalizing Health Care is not just a statement or a tagline, it is a distinctive new vision in health care that includes but is not limited to:

    ✵ Personalizing Interaction & Care
    ✵ Personalizing Systems & Processes
    ✵ Personalizing Treatment & Prescription
    ✵ Personalizing Consultation & Cure
    ✵ Personalizing Systems & Processes

In the day to day functioning of the hospital this vision extends itself to personal touch and involvement in the care of patients, familiarity with patient histories, flexible methods, personal attention, responsive systems that take away individual patient worries and waiting time, every stakeholder's personal intent to comfort, partnerships and collaborations between doctors, staff, management, vendors to make each and every individual feel like their needs were put first, customized solutions where possible, and patient-centered processes around any administrative or treatment related procedure.

Each and Every Person Lives it

By asking the one question every day what can I do today that will put the patient's needs first, this vision can be brought alive by each and every person associated with this venture.

Different Methods, Same Vision:

    ✵ As a doctor, the answer might be in listening
    ✵ As a nurse, the answer might be in helping a patient wait by interacting
    ✵ As an administrator the answer might be in adding a helpline to the hospital
    ✵ As a process consultant the answer might be in helping reducing waiting time
    ✵ As a design partner the answer might be in designing a space that reduces the patient's anxiety

Our Values to Uphold:

Inspiring Health care sagely stands on the pillar of some fundamental values that the institution and all its stakeholders must uphold in all their thoughts, actions and behaviors.

These are:

  1. Attention, Empathy - Ensuring no one feels ignored or unheard
  2. Approachability, Warmth, Comfort - Ensuring we build relationships and the institution does not become cold, detached to the point of seeming dehumanized to the humans it is serving.
  3. Openness, Flexibility, Adaptability - Ensuring the institution does not adopt a 'one size fits all' approach and keeps identifying 'the best fit' solutions for people as well as processes.
  4. Fairness, Genuineness, Trust, Transparency - Ensuring we inspire faith and loyalty in everyone associated with Apollo Sage Hospital Hospitals.
  5. Excellence, Expertise - Ensuring we become thought leaders and industry leaders who deliver the best of everything from treatment to care to experience to relationships.
  6. Responsiveness, Inclusiveness - Ensuring we don't discriminate against anyone with attention or time.

This isn't just a good-to-do wish-list anymore; it is increasingly becoming the need of the hour.

Hospitals will become bigger, savvier and fancier, but the need to personalize straddles the past, present and future.